I have an estate collection of more than 500 exquisite porcelain dolls; they were left to me by my loving grandma. Some are very rare, others are one of a kind and all are in pristine condition. From Ashton-Drake, Danbury Mint, Georgetown, Hamilton Collection, Paradise Galleries, Franklin Mint, Dynasty and several independent artists with beautifully rendered works.

I would love to keep this collection of beautiful dolls but I do not have the room. It is my intention to put these wonderful dolls in the hands of people who would appreciate their uniqueness and beauty. If you are one such person please get in touch with me. This is a rare opportunity to possess one-of-a-kind elegant porcelain dolls. Please contact me at: agfurgang@yahoo.com

Here is the doll list that I have composed so far and will continue to add dolls to it until all the dolls are listed. I have included some basic info for each doll but if you see a doll(s) you are interested in, please email me and I will send you the complete details for that doll. Each doll comes with their original certificate of authenticity and will be packaged in the original box, some have never been unpacked. Shipping is FREE and they will be shipped USPS. PRICING IS NEGOTIABLE ON ALL DOLLS!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Artist Susan Wakeen
Julia - 15" tall, comes w/ stand
Practice Makes Perfect Collection
Purchased in 1994
To the shouts of "Bravo", little Julia takes center stage at the end of her first ballet recital. All the hours of practice paid off - she danced like a dream! As she accepts the bouquet of roses from Daddy, she can see the pride shining in his face. Tonight, she's a star and feeling ever so proud, Julia rises daintily "en pointe" to take her final bow!

Artist Katrina Murawska
Kelly - 14" tall (18" tall including umbrella), comes w/ stand
Purchased in 1993
When Kelly was getting ready for school, it suddenly started to rain. She hoped it would stop by recess time so she could go out and play with her friends. Her wish now might come true because it looks like the rain is stopping!

Artist FayZah Spanos
Megan - 11" from head to toe
Purchased in 1993
Tired after a long day, Megan curls up in a wicker basket with a bottle and her favorite blankie... sweet dreams!

Artist Linda Tromble
Molly - 11.5" tall including hat
Purchased in 1993
What treasures little Molly has found in grandma's old attic trunk and what fun it is to try them on! Just look at Molly's sweetly puckered lips and dainty fingers. Her blue eyes sparkle brightly and her cheeks are rosy with innocent delight!

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