I have an estate collection of more than 500 exquisite porcelain dolls; they were left to me by my loving grandma. Some are very rare, others are one of a kind and all are in pristine condition. From Ashton-Drake, Danbury Mint, Georgetown, Hamilton Collection, Paradise Galleries, Franklin Mint, Dynasty and several independent artists with beautifully rendered works.

I would love to keep this collection of beautiful dolls but I do not have the room. It is my intention to put these wonderful dolls in the hands of people who would appreciate their uniqueness and beauty. If you are one such person please get in touch with me. This is a rare opportunity to possess one-of-a-kind elegant porcelain dolls. Please contact me at: agfurgang@yahoo.com

Here is the doll list that I have composed so far and will continue to add dolls to it until all the dolls are listed. I have included some basic info for each doll but if you see a doll(s) you are interested in, please email me and I will send you the complete details for that doll. Each doll comes with their original certificate of authenticity and will be packaged in the original box, some have never been unpacked. Shipping is FREE and they will be shipped USPS. PRICING IS NEGOTIABLE ON ALL DOLLS!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Artist Judy Belle
(From L to R)
Peter - 12" tall, comes w/ stand
Jeffrey - 8" tall
Sean - 10" tall
Scott - 13" tall, comes w/ stand
Summertime Fun Collection
Purchased in 1993-94

This collection captures the sheer joy of little boys enjoying summer. Peter is having lots of fun playing one of summertime's most popular games - frisbee, as you can tell by his great big smile. Jeffrey's favorite summertime treat is a lime popsicle but he better not wait too long or it will melt and make a big mess. Sean is busy playing in the warm sand and getting ready to build a huge sandcastle. Scott is full of the joyful determination of a little boy as he learns to hula-hoop.

Artist Elke Hutchens
(From L to R)
David - 11" tall
Jimmy - 10" tall
Steve - 11" tall
Boys and Toys Collection
Purchased in 1990,94

These young boys are busy playing together with typical boys toys! David is proudly showing off his firetruck, Jimmy is entertaining himself with his wooden toy train, and Steve is playing with his tractor.

Artist Elke Hutchens
(From L to R)
Bobby - 12" tall
Christopher - 10" tall
Danny - 11" tall
Boys Will Be Boys Collection
Purchased in 1993
These lil guys are ready to play! Bobby is an adorable quarterback all set for his make-believe game on the gridiron. Christopher, sweet and irresistibly cute, is ready to play ball. Danny is ready to shot some hoops. These dolls are sure to bring charm to any room in your home!

Artist Carole Jeane
(From L to R)
Tommy - 19" tall, comes w/ stand
Mickey - 14" tall, comes w/ stand
On Deck Collection
Purchased in 1994
While standing waiting for his turn to bat, this baseball player is busy working on a sucker. The catcher has been distracted by a butterfly that has landed on his right arm. These would make a great gift for any baseball enthusiast!   

Artist Nancy Leslie
(From L to R)
Jose - 16" tall, comes w/ stand
Carlos - 15" tall, comes w/ stand
Pedro - 17" tall, comes w/ stand
Pablo - 8.5" tall (seated height)
Little Amigos Collection
Purchased 1993-95
Jose wants to be part of a mariachi band when he grows up, so he's been practicing blowing his horn in time with the music. Carlos is experiencing the joy of breaking open his first pi├▒ata and getting ready to enjoy the surprises inside. Pedro is having fun pretending to be a real gaucho, practicing with his lasso. Pablo is escaping the blazing afternoon heat by enjoying a much-needed nap.

Artist Jan Garnett
(From L to R)
Amelia - 17" tall, comes w/ stand 
Christina - 17" tall, comes w/ stand 
Danielle - 17" tall, comes w/ stand 
Rachel - 16" tall, comes w/ stand 
Little Victorian Ladies Collection
Purchased in 1992-94
This collection depicts the enchanting beauty and elegance of little girls in the Victorian era. Each wearing a hand-tailored Victorian dress, accented by dainty lace and satin ribbon.


Artist Sandra Bilotto
(From L to R)
Matthew - 14" tall
Kevin - 13" tall, comes w/ stand
Pillow Fight Collection
Purchased in 1993
There's never a dull moment with these two lively brothers! Even after they've been tucked into bed, Matthew and Kevin can't resist a fun-filled tussle. Look how Kevin's blue eyes sparkle as he gleefully raises his pillow! His rosy face beams with laughter and sheer delight because he's about to pummel his older brother. Meanwhile, Matthew shields himself with his pillow and instinctively holds Kevin at bay with his foot.
*Minor repair was made on Kevin's left pointer finger.

Artist Patricia Wall
(From L to R)
Nugaluk - 11" tall
Nikki - 14" tall, comes with stand
Miska - 12" tall
Tulimak - 16.5" tall, comes with stand
Children of the North Collection
Purchased in 1993-94
With the heat of summer, these four adorable little Eskimos will have you looking forward to some cooler weather. Each is dressed in a warm parka to protect him from the sub-zero and icy Artic wind. Nugaluk, a young Eskimo boy, is keeping himself busy on this cold winter day by carefully painting a totem. A fresh snowfall has left a deep cover of fluffy white powder on the land but Nikki is prepared with his snowshoes. Judging from the great big smile on his face, he's having the time of his life running through the fresh snow. In this unforgiving land, even Eskimo boys like Miska must learn at a very early age how to catch fish through a hole in the ice. Someday Miska will provide food for his family using this vital skill. Tulimak is a young Eskimo boy eagerly beating a rhythm on his ayayut, a traditional Eskimo drum.

Artist Linda Steele
(From L to R)
Kristie - 8" tall
Katie - 12" tall, comes w/ stand
Kimberly - 8.5" tall (10" long)
Kids-n-Kritters Collection
Purchased in 1994
These three young girls will bring into your home the special enchantment of a young child discovering one of nature's little creatures! Kristie is filled with delight because a little cotton-tailed bunny has come up to say hi. This new found friend and her are sure to get along! Wide-eyed with wonder, Katie has just found a brand new friend- a beautiful new butterfly that has gently landed on her hand! Balancing oh-so-carefully on one leg, she's trying hard to hold perfectly still. Maybe if she holds her breath, it will stay a little longer! Playing in the park, Kimberly has discovered a little four-legged friend. She is captivated by this charming turtle who is sitting on a log enjoying the afternoon sun!

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